I consider myself to be a very levelheaded person. I try to keep most of my emotions at bay. Sure, I cry at funerals and when Dr. Big and I fight, but for the most part I have a strict “no crying” rule. This is especially important at work. Being the only woman in a testosterone-fueled environment is hard. They like to treat you like one of the guys and you have to take it like one of the guys. Now, I’m not going to lie to you. I have cried at work. Twice. And in the privacy of my own bathroom stall. So imagine my surprise today, when a female co-worker (from another department) came into MY office and started crying about how she didn’t get her work done. Now, long story short, she wanted to blame someone for the shortcomings. And I somehow became a target. I’m not going to lie to you…. the more she cried and told me her sob-story, I started to feel bad for her. I know what its like to be swamped an unable to go home at 5 p.m. On the other hand, this was NOT how I was planning to start my day. I was sort of hoping for a regular Tuesday with minimal drama.

Now the day is over and I have had time to process this whole situation, I, more than ever, feel as if the “no crying” rule is a great one. Because as the great philosopher, Thomas Hanks once said, “There’s no crying in baseball!”