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So, I happened to read an article stating that the New Kids on the Block were doing a tour with the one and only Backstreet Boys. This makes me very giddy. I realize that I am their target audience- female, 20-40s- the aging teenyboppers. I also must admit that I was only 5 when the New Kids came out. At 5, I was jamming to Garth Brooks and taking naps. However, I was fully aware when the Backstreet Boys came out. I love them- I saw them twice in concert with the help of my worn-down-from-begging parents (yeah, I know….they rock). I had every cd, dvd, tape and poster. And I am not ashamed to admit that when they released a few cds a couple of years ago, I was the first one in line at Target. I even watched the ill-fated “House of Carter” on E!

Anywho, the news of this tour is ridiculously exciting. If it comes anywhere in the Midwest, you can bet I will be there. And this time I won’t need my parents to drive me there. Not unless they want to…for old times sake.


The question of the hour is: would you ever really want to know what someone else is thinking? Sure, it would be helpful at certain times, but for the most part, I’m pretty sure my popularity score would go waaay down. In my line of work, I am forced to lie all the time. If my co-workers knew my thoughts, I’d have to carry a big stick to work. Everyone lies (thanks House) but knowing what the guy on the treadmill next to me is REALLY thinking about my ass, could upset me.

Reading minds would really be helpful when it comes to Dr. Big. Dr. Big has some emotional/verbal disabilities. He is super sweet, but he is physically unable to vocalize his emotions. Now, I am not a big “feelings” person either. I get more emotional over a tv show than I do over situations in the 3-D world. I’m not big into sharing and doing some of the crazy girl crap that you see in movies (I’m looking at you, Katherine Hiegl.) However, you do reach a certain point in a relationship that certain things should be discussed. He is not capable of having those discussions, so this is where the mind-reading thing would come in hand. I would need 10 minutes. 10 seems like a good number. Of course, I would have to spend at least 6 of those 10 minutes sifting through the sports facts, boobs, sex and Halo game rules. 4 minutes would be all I’d need to know his inner-workings.

On the other hand, there are certain people I can read like a book- no mind reading necessary. My mom and I are pretty much on the same page. We don’t even need to talk. A look will suffice. I also have a handful of close friends that I can do that with also. But every once in awhile, you have to tell a white lie. No one can get around it. If you can tell me about someone who never lies, I have some ocean front property to sell you.

Bottom line is that even though I would love to know what certain people are thinking at certain times, its probably better for my ego if I don’t know. Perhaps it is all for the best to be left in the dark.


With the upcoming Halloween holiday, I think it’s only appropriate to enjoy scary stories and TV specials. I am very interested in the paranormal, ghosts, and haunted locations.

That being said, I do not like scary movies. If I happen to watch a scary movie, I have a particular set of rules that must be followed.

1)   All scary movies must be watched on a small screen. This means nothing bigger than my little 12-inch TV in my bedroom. This makes me feel larger than the scary stuff; therefore, I shouldn’t be afraid of small amounts of blood and beheadings.

2)   All scary movies must be watched with the lights on. (This shouldn’t need any explaining)

3)   A “happy” show or movie must be “on deck” for post-movie thoughts. I fancy a nice, cheerful “Friends” episode.

4)   Never go directly to bed after watching a scary movie. It causes insomnia and nightmares. See rule 3.

5)   And last, do not be alone while watching a spooky movie. I personally prefer the company of humans. Nothing against our fuzzy friends, but animals hear everything, resulting in more paranoia.

I do not deviate from these rules. Each time I tried to skip one in the past, it results in weeks of being jumpy and looking/investigating every noise.

Wait…..did you hear that?

Happy Halloween everyone.