So, I happened to read an article stating that the New Kids on the Block were doing a tour with the one and only Backstreet Boys. This makes me very giddy. I realize that I am their target audience- female, 20-40s- the aging teenyboppers. I also must admit that I was only 5 when the New Kids came out. At 5, I was jamming to Garth Brooks and taking naps. However, I was fully aware when the Backstreet Boys came out. I love them- I saw them twice in concert with the help of my worn-down-from-begging parents (yeah, I know….they rock). I had every cd, dvd, tape and poster. And I am not ashamed to admit that when they released a few cds a couple of years ago, I was the first one in line at Target. I even watched the ill-fated “House of Carter” on E!

Anywho, the news of this tour is ridiculously exciting. If it comes anywhere in the Midwest, you can bet I will be there. And this time I won’t need my parents to drive me there. Not unless they want to…for old times sake.