I stopped and wondered tonight: when is the correct time to bring up serious relationship conversations? I mean, obviously you always wait until the person is in a good mood, and isn’t distracted and the time is there to have a serious convo, but the bringing up part is where I get snagged on.

Before everyone gets too concerned, Dr. Big and I aren’t having problems. I just have a couple of questions more on the serious side, and can’t seem to find the right time. The questions aren’t even that negative- just long convo ones. If he’s in a good mood, I always want to have fun and keep things goofy and fun. If he’s in a sour mood, obviously that is not a good time. I never want to make plans to “talk”. No one wants to hear that- “We need to talk when you get home”. Uh, no thanks, I’ll just stay at work.

The other beef I have with serious relationship conversations why is the girl always bringing it up? I mean I know we are more advanced creatures and we tend to think more long term, but why don’t guys take any initiative? I can’t decide if they want to keep the status quo or if they are just that naive? I suppose most want to avoid any type of confrontation. I myself would actually fall into that category, but after many months of avoidance and ignorance, I have decided that this is getting silly. Personally, I think I am being quite adult.

I will let all of you know just as soon as I figure the timing out.