There is something about fall that makes me very nostalgic. I can’t decide if it the weather, football, the smells, but either way, the past has been on my mind a lot lately. For some unexplained reason, my mind drifts back to high school. It’s a little odd, just because I am for sure NOT one of those people who thinks high school was the best time of my life. Not hardly. But I cannot stop thinking about my small town, football games at my high school, homework assignments, working part time at a grocery store, etc.

I honestly can say that I can (for the first time) relate to how Kenny Chesney feels in 90% of his songs. He is the king of nostalgia.

Anywho, I have come up with a thought about why we recall old memories- it’s either 1) When things aren’t currently going as planned or 2) you are one of those people who never grow up. You know the types- the ones that still attend the high school football games…loaded. I happen to fall into the former category. Lately, things have been in a state of disarray. I had thought I was going to buy a house, and then I decided that wasn’t for me right now. There has been some minor drama with family- nothing serious, just irritations. Work has been pretty stressful/frustrating.

I have decided that this “feeling” will pass and things will return to normal, just as soon as I figure out what normal is. In the mean time, I might take a trip back to my hometown and indulge in my nostalgia.