I am a Netflix member and have been for about 4 years. I LOVED it, because when I moved to Lincoln it was a pain to drive everywhere to rent movies and return them, etc. Plus it was highway robbery what they charged to rent a new release. Netflix to the rescue! It was all very exciting- any movie I could think of in my mailbox, for a low price.

Last month Netflix introduced a new plan that would charge users separately for the instant streaming feature and the in-mail movies. They were going to change the name of the in-mail service to Quikstir and there was a hefty price hike of 60%. I was less than pleased. However, I cancelled my instant streaming and decided to keep the in-mail service. My reasoning? The movies available on streaming are crap. They have NOTHING new on there- it is all indie and old movies. Neither of which I have any problem with, it is just every once in awhile I like to watch the new Clooney flick or deplete my brain cells with “Transformers 3” or something.

Saturday Night Live hit the nail on the head this past weekend with an awesome cut sketch