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As some of you may or may not know, I am a huge Nate Berkus fan. I think he does amazing design and is just an all around cool guy. I DVR him everyday and watch him while I run on the treadmill. Most every episode he reminds us of this- “If your living space is a mess, it will reflect in all areas of your life. Your home should rise up to greet you.” He says this much better, but you get the general idea. I have decided to take his advice one step further in two ways.

1) Get some of my lard off. I, by no means am morbidly obese. I am 5’8 and 158 pounds, but my ass is pretty much huge. I hate to blame genetics, but I come from a large-assed family and even when I was super tiny in high school, I wore a size 12 pant (which is currently what I am rocking now). So, as step one, I have decided to try the Beachbody Brazil Butt Lift. I have done P90X, and as much as I liked Tony Horton, I just didn’t care for the program much. Who has time to do yoga for an hour and 45 minutes? Pass. So, I am hopeful that this will be motivation/exciting. Will keep you all posted.

2) Get out of debt. Again, this is not out of control. I have 2 credit cards and a school loan. However, I want a house. And I realize that Dr. Big and I will always be at a standstill until something drastically changes to alter our finances. I am now following a budget and in November I will have one of my credit cards paid off. I also recently paid my car off, so I am doing it, it just takes time and makes me crabby. I like to shop….

Anywho, the reason I am writing about all of this is to keep myself accountable. I might even take before and after shots of myself…..before debt and after debt, of course. I hope you all didn’t think I would be taking pictures of my ass.


Let’s face it- I’m not a super skinny gal. I’m not obese, but I have meat on my bones. Currently I am working my way through Power 90- the Tony Horton series before P90X. It’s way easier than P90X, and easier to stick with. The workouts are 35 minutes long and that’s something I can relate to.

Aside from my ass, chin, and tummy, my biggest body beef is with my arms. They are sort of undefinable. I mean, they aren’t flabby but they definitely have no shape. I can sort of fake it in the summer when I have a tan, but for the most part they are pretty much just slabs of meat on either side of my boobs.

I am now amazed to say that 4 weeks into my Power 90 adventures, I can do 30 push-ups (10 of each kind-normal, wide and triangle) AND my fat arms fit into my button-down shirts! It’s a little shocking actually. Don’t get me wrong, you would never confuse my arms with Michelle Obamas, but I am quite proud of my small accomplishment.