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I stopped and wondered tonight: when is the correct time to bring up serious relationship conversations? I mean, obviously you always wait until the person is in a good mood, and isn’t distracted and the time is there to have a serious convo, but the bringing up part is where I get snagged on.

Before everyone gets too concerned, Dr. Big and I aren’t having problems. I just have a couple of questions more on the serious side, and can’t seem to find the right time. The questions aren’t even that negative- just long convo ones. If he’s in a good mood, I always want to have fun and keep things goofy and fun. If he’s in a sour mood, obviously that is not a good time. I never want to make plans to “talk”. No one wants to hear that- “We need to talk when you get home”. Uh, no thanks, I’ll just stay at work.

The other beef I have with serious relationship conversations why is the girl always bringing it up? I mean I know we are more advanced creatures and we tend to think more long term, but why don’t guys take any initiative? I can’t decide if they want to keep the status quo or if they are just that naive? I suppose most want to avoid any type of confrontation. I myself would actually fall into that category, but after many months of avoidance and ignorance, I have decided that this is getting silly. Personally, I think I am being quite adult.

I will let all of you know just as soon as I figure the timing out.


I know the new tv season has started, but tonight, I popped in one of my “Sex and the City” discs and proceeded to watch the whole disc. A Carrie voiceover got me thinking….she said (and I’m paraphrasing), “Men can do something dramatic and profess their love and its generally thought of as romantic. Women can do the same thing and they are psychotic.” I could not agree with this statement more. For example, the other day Dr. Big send me this incredibly sweet text in the middle of the afternoon saying that he was thinking of me, that he loves me, and that he was looking forward to seeing me after work. Ladies….how hot is that?

Now, if the shoe had been on the other foot and I had sent that text to him, how many guys’ radars would be buzzing off the charts? “Watch out for this one….she could be crazy”

Now, Dr. Big and I have been together for almost 2 years and I doubt that would have been his first thought, but for normal dudes it would be weird.

But back to the professing of love. How do I show how in love I am, without being perceived as crazy? I think I have found a good solution for Dr. Big and I. He is big on the “actions speak louder than words” policy. So for me, the best way I can show love to him is giving him time to play Halo Reach, listening about his fantasy football league and cooking him dinner. And he shows me that he loves me when he listens to me bitch about work, plays Mario Kart with me, helps me with housework, and lets me control the radio.

I don’t think we (as a couple) have it all figured out, but we are getting there. We are learning. And in the process, sometimes the lines between romantic and psychotic get blurred. But that’s ok, because we are a work in progress.